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A family run business, we understand climatic conditions, water restrictions and the way we use our pools. Our products are specially designed after years of research and development. Here at Pool Covers Spain we use the latest technology for maximum durability and effectiveness. We manufacture our Pool Covers on-site in Mazarron. This allows us to dispatch every order within 48 - 72 hours. Our network of highly trained installers are located throughout Spain. Locally manufactured and locally supported means that our quality service is never too far away.

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Why use a swimming pool cover?

Save water, energy and chemicals

Bubble swimming pool covers

These are produced using two-ply polyethylene material with colour pigments as well as additives and stabilisers to strengthen and protect against UV rays, solar heat and pool chemicals. The bottom layer makes up two thirds of the material and is formed into air cells that allow the cover to float on the water and insulate against colder night-time air temperatures.

Save water

Swimming pool covers eliminate water evaporation by over 98%. Not only does the pool become more water friendly and cheaper to top up, it also saves a vital natural resource.

Research carried out in collaboration with two UK Universities showed that, in the UK, for an average sized pool of 4 × 8m, the evaporation loss is approximately 32,000 litres of water per year. This equates to approximately 400 baths! In hotter climates and windy conditions, evaporation rates are far higher so one can expect higher savings accordingly.

Save energy

A swimming pool cover can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

During the day, a GeoBubble cover increases the water temperature by up to 4°C. This is achieved by the sun’s energy passing through the cover or by being absorbed by the material, heating the top layer of the water (which is in direct contact with the cover).

A swimming pool cover also helps retain heat at night. The material acts as an insulator, preventing the cooler air from making direct contact with the water and dropping its temperature.

The combination of heat generation during the day and heat retention at night dramatically reduces the pool’s energy consumption.

It is also important to note that water evaporation is by far the greatest source of heat loss for swimming pools, responsible for up to 70% of the heat lost. Research shows that by using a swimming pool cover on an average-sized heated pool in the UK (4m x 8m), one can save up to 5000 kWh of electricity every year!

Save chemicals

Standard pool covers will reduce chemical consumption by up to 50%. This is due to two key factors:

1. With a pool cover, leaves and other debris collect on the cover, not in the pool water. Eliminate the debris in the water and chemical input can be lowered.

2. When pool water evaporates, so do the chemicals in it. Stopping evaporation with a pool cover means chemicals work more effectively and input can be reduced without impacting water hygiene. A cover also makes it easier to keep pH levels balanced according to industry recommendations.

Research shows that by using a swimming pool cover on an average sized UK pool (4m x 8m), up to 50% less chemicals are required. This equates to approx. 8kg of chlorine!

When to use a pool cover

To maximise the benefits of a swimming pool cover, the pool should remain covered whenever it is not in use. Always recover the pool immediately after swimming. (And never swim with a pool cover on or partially on the pool!)

Environmental benefits of pool covers

With the above energy, water and chemical savings, a cover using GeoBubble™ technology creates a far more eco-friendly pool with a reduced carbon footprint.
At the end of its lifespan, a GeoBubble cover is 100% recyclable (Grade 4 LDPE recycling).